Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do i place an order at computerpad.ae? 

Answer: choose your desired item, click add to cart, view cart, proceed to checkout, fill in your billing address (must be complete and accurate) write notes if you need some additional info to give us,proceed to checkout, a confirmation email will be sent to you, our agents might call you for confirmation and just sit back and wait for the delivery (next day delivery)

  • I am searching for an item not found on your website, can i make a special order?

Answer: Definitely! computerpad.ae aims to bring all the hard to find IT parts at a competitive price, just contact our agents and we will arrange your order.

  • When Do i Expect my items to be delivered?

Answer: Delivery will take place within 24hours if the product is instock, ordering an item before 12pm will be delivered the SAME day. Other items like Gaming PC, Gaming Laptops,Quantity orders or any other items which requires Extra time will be delivered as soon as possible.

  • The website is displaying Error 508 Resource Limit, What should i do?

Answer: In the instance you encounter this error on browsing our website, please hit refresh so that the page will load normally, due to multiple users accessing the same item our website may sometimes overload, hit refresh and it should be alright. This problem will be fixed after we move to a better host in the future.

  • What is overclocking?

Answer: Overclocking is very popular among pc users since the early 2000’s, it  is a procedure that most gamer/enthusiasts do to increase the speed and performance of their computers, whether used for gaming, rendering or designing, overclocking can increase the overall performance of your system. Although overclocking is good, not all systems are capable of it, depending on your system specifications. At computerpad.ae we are performing safe overclocks to our system builds so that customers will have a peace of mind regarding their computer hardwares, Overclocked systems can perform 10-25% increased in overall performance. Reach incredible FPS and have an advantage on every game you play!! We are giving options of free overclocks on every custom builds you buy at computerpad.ae. This overclocks are safe and fully tested before we deliver the system to you, Happy gaming everyone!!

  • Is Overclocking Safe?

Answer: Overclocking is only not safe if you are a newbie, here at computerpad.ae we have expert system builders and overclockers with experience for many years. We can assure your overclocked system will run the longest possible time. (safe to run at 24/7) If you are a non overclocking fan, we will keep your system at default settings (not overclocked).

  • What is benchmarking? is it important?

Answer: Definitely!! benchmarking measures your overall pc performance, gaming and system speed. Here at computerpad.ae we will install and benchmark your system so you can have a basis of how fast your system will run current games and can make decisions in the future for upgrades.

  • Why should i buy Custom PC at computerpad.ae?

Answer: Computerpad.ae makes sure your system works properly and stable, we have expert engineers that build your systems and test them fully so you will be fully satisfied and worry free. Start ordering now and enjoy our freebies and discounts! Our builds are pretested with the latest games to ensure that your system will run the latest titles on the maximum FPS possible, we install free latest title games when you buy a custom build pc, only at Computerpad.ae


  • I have to ask a question before buying, what should i do?

Answer: Customer can use the website chat system to ask any product related questions, for quotations please send us an email on support@computerpad.ae, we will answer your inquiry in less than 1 hour.Other urgent inquiries please reach us by mobile or drop a whatsapp message.

  • What is Oculus Rift!?

Answer: The Oculus Rift is a head-mounted virtual-reality display. An immersive headset that gives the wearer a full 360-degree view of the virtual world they inhabit. The most highly anticipated gaming gear of 2016, it will transform the gaming industry into a new level! the posibility is endless for the Oculus Rift, Games, Movies and the way we interact to Virtual reality will be amazing!! The Oculus Rift pairs with headphones to make games, virtual worlds and live events feel ‘real’.


  • What PC should I choose for my Game?

Answer: Please contact our expert agents, they will help you on deciding which gaming pc is for you. for your budget money and preference. Newbie pc gamers will be given advices to help you decide better.