Please inform our agents if you wish to pay with other payment methods


  • Cash upon Delivery  (Primary mode of payment) 
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Paypal Secure Payment
  • Al ansari/ Western Union
  • Credit Card Payment (link your CC to a paypal account and pay)
  • Money Express


All prices are subject to change without prior notice, We always make sure to update our prices when possible,  When paying via paypal, convert the currency to USD found on the top left of the page, Please note that paypal will charge for security payment, normally 5% this will be additional payment on delivery of your product. we may request security deposit in the case of first time/new customers who will be purchasing products with big amounts, hence this amount is non refundable ,we will keep updating our prices as often as we can.

Our prices are VAT exclusive, each product may or may not be VAT applicable, please be reminded

Be reminded that we may require initial down payments for security measures and this payments serves as your order confirmation, this payment is non refundable as an agreement that you fully accept our rules and policies regarding order reservations, is gladly welcoming you to shop with peace of mind. Happy shopping!!

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