LENOVO C260 Celeron All in One PC




LENOVO C260 Celeron All in One PC


  • The c260 57-330687 all in one pc (celeron, 2gb, 500gb, 19.5″, win8.1 with bing) Desktop & All-in-One Computer is manufactured by Lenovo and was added around January 2015.
  • This version of the Desktop & All-in-One Computer comes in Color : Black , Hard Disk : 500 GB , Screen Size : 19 Inch , RAM : 2 GB..

Lenovo C260 57-330687 All in One PC (Celeron, 2GB, 500GB, 19.5″, Win8.1 with Bing) Space-Saving Design The 19.5″ display takes surprisingly little space on your desk, counter, or entertainment center, and is gorgeous with its Jet Black finish. The unit itself is only six inches deep, with clutter-free cable management. Everything tucks away neatly when nobody’s using the C260, even though those times will probably be rare. Full Multimedia Experience Discrete graphics support